The power of an idea for Vanquis

Vanquis is a credit card for people whose credit score isn’t as strong as they’d like. It’s a huge business, but digital and DM marketing channels were delivering diminishing returns. The brand needed to find a new way to help increase awareness and drive the business forward.

But Vanquis isn’t the easiest name to remember is it? Yet it does sound like a word from another time – a historical time of brave warriors and noble steeds. Of course, being top of mind is key in this category, so we created an idea that sells Vanquis which is set in a unique medieval territory.

A perfect platform to dramatise the digital benefits of Vanquis and shamelessly chant the brand name into people’s minds.

“Acquire the Power” of Vanquis is crusading through the market right now, lifting awareness and enquiry levels to heights never seen before.