creating ideas that sell

it’s not just paint, it’s personal

It’s easy to underestimate the effect a simple coat of paint can have. We too often focus on just the aesthetics of a room, when the bigger impact is how that room makes you feel, and ultimately what that feeling makes possible.

We captured this sentiment with a fresh company purpose for Crown, one which allowed us to breathe new life into the brand’s much-loved line and to create a much talked about campaign.

be with the best

When it comes to breakdown cover, people look for one thing above all else — reassurance. They want to know they will get to where they are going, whether that’s a road trip, a shopping trip or just heading to work.

As the market’s premium provider, we used the brand’s iconic yellow AA van to demonstrate the warm protective glow that all members benefit from. Combined with our ‘Be with the Best’ line it left non-members under no illusion as to the quality service they are missing out on.

discover freedom

When you think about it, spending some time outdoors is a really simple way to escape the pressures that life today can bring. So, we wanted to create an idea that inspired everyone to get up and get out more. Afterall, the outdoors is literally on your doorstep, is open 24/7 and it’s completely free.

“Discover Freedom” succinctly reminds us all just how liberating being in the great outdoors feels. It captures this core emotion and is a perfect platform to promote the brilliant products and prices available at Go Outdoors… they literally have everything you could need and more.

this is your land

Pretty much everyone has heard of Poundland. However, while the brand has evolved a lot in recent years, people’s perception of it hasn’t — with many deciding it just wasn’t for them.

To encourage the nation to rethink, we invited them to pay us a visit. Under the banner of ‘this is your land’, we encouraged them to discover a land where great style, great stuff and great prices rule. We welcomed them to try our culinary delights, local fashion and sumptuous interiors. We even created our land’s very own flag. This irreverent idea continues to go from strength to strength.

home of good carma

Let’s be honest, car-buying isn’t always the fun it should be. In order to help CarShop destress the whole process, we created ‘home of good carma’. It was an idea that played on the positive vibes associated with traditional good karma, to allow us to highlight the brand’s many benefits. But this idea was way more than just a marketing campaign, it introduced a whole new brand philosophy; one which gave every member of staff a mantra to live up to each day.

this is the ONE

Pretty much every dieter has dieted before. And failed before. What they craved more than anything was to find a diet that actually flippin’ worked.

Building on the brand’s name, the 1:1 diet, we created ‘This is the One’ — an idea that took a refreshingly honest approach to people’s reasons for dieting. Whether they wanted to lose weight for a special occasion, or for a healthier lifestyle, ‘this is the One’ became the answer they were hoping for.

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