Making a credit card look epic

Vanquis is a credit card for people who can’t get a standard credit card. People who’s credit score isn’t as strong as they’d like. It’s a huge business, built mainly through DM and digital. However, these channels were giving a diminishing return. We needed to get the brand out there in a new way.

But ‘Vanquis’ isn’t exactly the easiest brand name to remember is it? Yet it does sound like a word from another time – a historical time of brave warriors, noble steeds and fair maidens.

With this in mind we put brand recall at the heart of our idea for Vanquis, and brought it to life with a TV campaign set in medieval times – the perfect stage on which to dramatise the innovative benefits of a Vanquis card.

We are seeing rapidly increasing levels of awareness and consideration of Vanquis – not surprising when the concept allows us to chant the brand name “Vanquis! Vanquis! Vanquis!”