Let me GO!

Remember how you loved playing outside when you were a kid? It’s a great shame that these days children spend less than half the time outdoors that we did. As adults we don’t fare much better either with the average prisoner spending more time in the fresh air a day than we do. So, most of us are missing out on the amazing physical, mental and social benefits the outdoors brings to life.

As the UK’s largest outdoor goods retailer GO Outdoors has a big role to play in encouraging people outside. That’s why they provide all the kit you could ever need for any outdoor activity and promise to beat any like for like price by 10%.

“GO Outdoors. You can’t beat it” is an idea that sells all parts of this message.

And, who better to spread the word than someone who wants to go outdoors more than any person on earth?

Introducing Charlie the dog! He’s on a mission to make sure his family knows just how good being outdoors feels.

And guess what? The UK loves it!

Even Gary Barlow!

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