“Boom” the new Vimto ad

What better way to appeal to a teen audience than with a commercial featuring two toads, an almighty fruit fight and a homage to classic action movie scenes?

Our launch of Vimto’s new Remix range does just that in all its messy glory, as the brand’s “Vimtoad” character takes on a rival toad and they battle in a frantic exchange of two mixes of fruit. It’s a toadoff!

The soundtrack to the commercial adds an extra punch with the recently released grime track “Do you really wanna do this” by Box Bottom featuring Dubble A Star and Nat Jay.

#TOADOFF delivers an original idea and a strong piece of branding in one unstoppable fruity hit. With a campaign running on VOD, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Cinema, digital display and social, helping the Vimto brand continue to outperform the Soft Drinks market. Boom.